The Perfect Escapade: Choosing Your Adventure

  1. The Perfect Escapade: Choosing Your Adventure

There is always something for everyone whatever the budget may be. Make a choice for your adventure. It is not an easy task to get any cluster of people together. You have to take into account the budget and the time constraints of everyone. Before setting up for the vacation together, you will have to accommodate with one another’s work schedule. You can go either to see some waterfalls or to the hiking and trekking to get your calories burnt. You can go to some religious and peaceful place like ‘Mount Abu’ in Rajasthan for spiritual relief.

The people of Rajasthan call Mount Abu as the ‘Summer Capital’. The meaning of ‘Mount Abu’ is the ‘Son or Child of Himalayas’.

This is the one and only hill station of Rajasthan and millions of global and regional tourists visit this scenic place every year.

It is a world famous vacationers’ destination, most popular for ‘Dilwara Jain Temples’. The place has picturesque natural beauty. To get accommodation is not difficult in Mount Abu. There are a lot of deluxe, luxury, budget hotels and dormitories in accordance with the needs of all the tourists. It is imperative to get advance bookings during the busy season.

Mount Abu is a calm place covered by flowering shrubs and coniferous trees that make the climate cool and breezy. Rich vegetation is covering the whole hillside. This place is approximately 475 km far from the capital of the state ‘Jaipur’. Mount Abu is renowned for its Rajasthani handiwork. A three-day festival is celebrated in summers in which folk music and folk dances are performed. An enchanting firework is done in the closing of the festival.

The most important tourist destinations of this place include Dilwara Temples, Peace Park, Sunset Point, Nakki Lake, Guru Shikhar, and Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. What makes this place different from other places is its lush green flora. The serene Mount Abu is a feast for your eyes. It makes an appeal to the photographers. Following are some of the must-visit places in Mount Abu.

Furthermore, do not forget about safety while you are traveling. Whether traveling for pleasure or business, keeping your information safe while you travel should be a top priority.