• Action Camera, ZONKO 4K

    Top 3 Travel Tech Gift Ideas for Christmas 2017

    2017 Christmas is knocking on the door. So, you need to prepare the Christmas gifts for the nearest and dearest people. Finding the right gift might be different for you. The gift must be related to the person’s interest list. Today, we will talk about the tech gift ideas for a traveler. If your life […]

  • Spectacles - Sunglasses for Snapchat

    Top Tech Gadgets for Travelers in 2017

    Technology has made everything easy and gives good experience. There are many tech gadgets for travelers to make it exciting, smooth and comfortable. Today, we will discuss top 5 tech gadgets that every traveler should have in 2017. The tech gadgets will change the traveling experience. World’s smallest Travel Steam Iron Now a day, you […]

  • Traveling tips

    How to Keep Your Info Safe While Traveling

    Traveling has become so much easier since the introduction of the mobile phone and the laptop. Business can go anywhere and do anything now and it really is making the world a smaller place. Whether traveling for pleasure or business, keeping your information safe while you travel should be a top priority. Internet security varies […]

  • tips-getaways

    Tips for Spontaneous Getaways

    Most of the time, it takes months even for a frequent traveler to prepare an enjoyable last-minute getaway. But with the right course of action, you don’t have to take that long to have the best getaway. Here are some tips to guide you on what to do. Step 1. Do not come to terms […]

  • Planning a Weekend Beach Getaway

    Planning a Weekend Beach Getaway

    Planning a beach getaway with your friends or family? Don’t worry, it’s not always expensive. In fact, most people love beaches during summers not just because of the waters and the view, but also because it is relatively cheaper than other kinds of vacations. But you can still make it more affordable with these following […]

  • luna-vasahi-temple-dilwara-temple-complex

    Dilwara Temples

    Dilwara Temples is a collection of five shrines and are dedicated to Lord Rishabhdev, Lord Mahavir Swami, Lord Adinath, Lord Nemi Nathji, and Lord Parshvanath. The luxuriantly carved pillars, porticoes, corridors, and arches are the most important aspects of the temples. These temples are built of the white marble and are well-known for their wonderful […]

  • Sunset Point Couple

    Sunset Point

    This point is one of the superseding options in India where you can experience the breathtaking sunset. Apart from proffering a beautiful view, the sunset point is a well-liked picnic point as well.

  • arbuda_mountains

    Guru Shikhar

    The highest mountain of the Aravali Mountains is known as Guru Shikhar. Its height is 1722 meters. The view from the top of the peak is stunning. It is a nature’s marvel. Scenery lovers and venture seekers cannot miss visiting this beautiful place.

  • bench-people-smartphone-sun

    Peace Park

    As the name indicates, this place is a meditation center where you can find the peace of mind. The Peace Park is one of the best escapades from the hectic and tiring city life to seek tranquility. Despite its spiritual custom, this park contains playing fields and the picnic areas as well.

  • The Perfect Escapade: Choosing Your Adventure

    The Perfect Escapade: Choosing Your Adventure

    There is always something for everyone whatever the budget may be. Make a choice for your adventure. It is not an easy task to get any cluster of people together. You have to take into account the budget and the time constraints of everyone. Before setting up for the vacation together, you will have to […]