A Dose of Vitamin Sea

  1. A Dose of Vitamin Sea

Sometimes, to get rid of worries and stress, all you need to be exposed to is the sand, the sun, and the sea. It will almost heal all the deep-seated wounds and worries of your life. Maybe it will not cure your stress in actual but will definitely give you the new perspective to view things in all different light coupled with immense hope. A dosage of Vitamin Sea can bring incredible changes to your tiring body and fatigued soul.

When the laziness take hold of you and you desperately need to activate yourself, you must set out on the nearby beach. This place is not overcrowded usually and hence, provides you with tranquility and desired peace of mind. Take deep breaths and grasp the fresh air. It will expand your lungs and make you feel lighter. Carrying slippers in your hands, walking on the wet golden sand, rolling trousers up to the ankles or knees, watching the waves strike the beach, are the best feast for your wearying soul and body. Fixing your eyes on the infinite horizon by walking on the barren coast will help your soul replenish. The turquoise sky blue water of the sea will embrace your feet. Always walk on the beach barefooted. It will help you become free of tensions and worries.

Every time you visit the beach, you will feel so rejuvenated and fresh Collecting seashells will be an exciting thing to do on the coastline. People make sand castles and write names on the beach to seek bliss. You can lie down on the beach closing your eyes to saturate in the surrounding environment. Feel the coolness of the breeze; it will make you forget about all the stress and worries. Play, build sand castles, get yourself wet, write the names of your loved ones on the sand, collect seashells, leisurely walk on the beach hearing the noise of the waves striking against the shoreline, and laugh harder. Such experiences will indisputably sooth your mind, soul, and body.

The sight of fishermen who do several attempts to get the fishes caught gives you the message of determination. It motivates you to keep trying your luck until you get your target achieved. You should spend your day at seashore till the sun is set. Never miss the view of sunset whenever you visit the beach. The sky will slowly and gradually change its color stressing on the evolution from daylight to dark. Breathe in profoundly, one last time, and open your arms to embrace the fresh air. This act will make you feel at ease.

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