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The Perfect Escapade: Choosing Your Adventure

jumping-mountainsThere is always something for everyone whatever the budget may be. Make a choice for your adventure. It is not an easy task to get any cluster of people together. You have to take into account the budget and the time constraints of everyone. Before setting up for the vacation together, you will have to accommodate with one another’s work schedule. You can go either to see some waterfalls or to the hiking and trekking to get your calories burnt. You can go to some religious and peaceful place like ‘Mount Abu’ in Rajasthan for spiritual relief.

The people of Rajasthan call Mount Abu as the ‘Summer Capital’. The meaning of ‘Mount Abu’ is the ‘Son or Child of Himalayas’.

This is the one and only hill station of Rajasthan and millions of global and regional tourists visit this scenic place every year.

It is a world famous vacationers’ destination, most popular for ‘Dilwara Jain Temples’. The place has picturesque natural beauty. To get accommodation is not difficult in Mount Abu. There are a lot of deluxe, luxury, budget hotels and dormitories in accordance with the needs of all the tourists. It is imperative to get advance bookings during the busy season.

Mount Abu is a calm place covered by flowering shrubs and coniferous trees that make the climate cool and breezy. Rich vegetation is covering the whole hillside. This place is approximately 475 km far from the capital of the state ‘Jaipur’. Mount Abu is renowned for its Rajasthani handiwork. A three-day festival is celebrated in summers in which folk music and folk dances are performed. An enchanting firework is done in the closing of the festival.

The most important tourist destinations of this place include Dilwara Temples, Peace Park, Sunset Point, Nakki Lake, Guru Shikhar, and Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary. What makes this place different from other places is its lush green flora. The serene Mount Abu is a feast for your eyes. It makes an appeal to the photographers. Following are some of the must-visit places in Mount Abu.

Planning a Weekend Beach Getaway

planning weekend

Planning a beach getaway with your friends or family? Don’t worry, it’s not always expensive. In fact, most people love beaches during summers not just because of the waters and the view, but also because it is relatively cheaper than other kinds of vacations. But you can still make it more affordable with these following tips. You shouldn’t miss reading them before planning!

Budget ASAP. Summer lasts for 2-3 months, and you have the rest of the year to plan and budget for the best vacation trip. When planning, do not forget to include transportation expenses, such as airfare/ train tickets, car gas, or rental car fees. Also, make sure to take into account important items such as shopping and dining. If you are living an active lifestyle, you should consider rental fees for equipment like jet skis, unless you’re bringing your own gears.

Plan a Beach Staycation. For your family to enjoy a nice beach vacation, you don’t have to travel far. There are several budget-friendly and family-appropriate beaches throughout the country just waiting to be appreciated. Load a picnic lunch lay down on a beach towel or take a day trip. You’ll not just enjoy the beauty of nature in your own backyard. If there is no beach near your house, you should research fun ways on how to bring the beach to you instead for summer! You can host your very own pool party, complete with fresh watermelons, barbecued food, inflatable beach balls, and music.

Steer Clear of Peak Seasons. Everyone knows that beaches are populated during major holidays and weekends. Most of the beach resorts and nearby hotels even raise their rates during the said peak seasons. If it is possible, you should consider your beach getaway in non-peak seasons. You’ll not just take advantage of the low rates, the place will be less crowded and more enjoyable for your family.

Choose a Less Popular Beach. The location is, of course, important for the perfect beach getaway. However, it doesn’t always mean that you have to choose a beach with the most popular reputation. Not only that, most luxurious and popular beaches tend to offer higher rates compared to the lesser known ones. Don’t forget to do your own research and look for a more affordable alternative that is similar to the beach of your dreams!

Stay in a Vacation Home. Expand your booking choices aside from hotels. Choosing to stay in the hotel is commonly not the best if you want to keep your beach getaway budget-friendly. You should consider staying in a vacation home. They’re usually more affordable compared to a week stay in the hotel. Added to that, they also have your own kitchen, so you can make your own food without having to go outside and dine in an expensive restaurant. This is a great choice if you’re traveling with a big group of people or your family. Look for vacation homes that are near the restaurants, activities, and the beach. You don’t want to travel so far to get to your destination.

Plan Ahead for the Activities. Planning is very important, everyone is aware of that. If you’re choosing a budget-friendly beach vacation for your friends or family, don’t forget about what they want to do. This way, you’ll know what to include in your budget. Young families tend to choose beaches with lifeguards, usable restrooms, and kid-friendly waters. Teenagers tend to be more adventurous, choosing to go snorkeling or scuba diving rather than building sand castles. For the activities, you should ask if they offer discounts. And instead of buying beach equipment from their gift shop, don’t forget to buy your own. Gift shops usually sell products that are twice the prices in an ordinary department store.

Tips for Spontaneous Getaways


Most of the time, it takes months even for a frequent traveler to prepare an enjoyable last-minute getaway. But with the right course of action, you don’t have to take that long to have the best getaway. Here are some tips to guide you on what to do.

Step 1. Do not come to terms with towering “last minute” rates

Surely by definition last-minute is last-minute. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re not capable of making an effort of making sure that you’re going to completely enjoy it. Whether you’re reserving a hotel room, flying out of the country, or just hopping in your car and driving to a local sight, and coming back to your own bed, think a small bit of what you really want to do. And of course, it doesn’t have to expensive, and there are times being a backpacker in your own little town—checking in a local hotel, and having a breakfast nearby—is just as refreshing as a real getaway.

Step 2. Pick the best last-minute getaway destination

Obviously, for a getaway to be called a getaway, you need to have a target destination. This is where the money and time battle each other, but money can be made lesser. If you want to go to a place nearer to your home, that’s fairly easy. But, you should do something in the community that you’ve never done before or you’ve always wanted to do in your whole life.

Step 3. Acquire a win-win deal

Now you’ve chosen a location! How will you get there? Since you’ve already provided quite an amount of money for the destination alone, you’ll have to plan your destination on the money you have left. Does it sound difficult? Yes, but it’s not as hard as you might think. If you are traveling on an airplane, there are so many ways to get a great deal, especially with today’s technology. You could try big discount airfare finders such as Google Flights, or save a bunch of cash with Skip Lagged. Don’t underestimate busses and trains, they’re more affordable and usually more comfortable than flying or driving.

Step 4. Find a bargain for your accommodations (even on the same night)

So you already have a plan, a location, and the means to get there. The next step is finding a comfortable place where you can have a good night sleep (when you’re not partying at 3 in the morning). There are several services online that can provide you with great hotel deals anytime you want to make a reservation, especially at the last minute. Do not forget that by sharing wifi you need to have a protection service. It is quite important if you are working or sharing your private data while you are traveling, it is quite easy to be hacked while you using different wifi. Most of us do not know that people are stealing data over wifi just by few clicks. So, use public wifi wisely.

Steps 5. Learn everything you need to know before barging out

You may know what to do in your destination, but you may be ignorant about the way around or how to get from one place to another. Learning these things don’t need to be done while you’re traveling towards your destination in an airplane, bus, car or in a train. You should spend a little time looking them up, from streets, travel routes, places you can eat and drink and relax. The more prepared you are before you leave, the more time you’ll actually enjoy the place, instead of squandering off like a lost puppy. Isn’t it nice to go directly to a bar and have a nice drink immediately after getting out of the plane?

Step 6. Find some amazing activities while traveling

All communities, whether big or small, are over-pouring with things to do. You can find museums or parks around your destinations. Better yet, you can go to well-known destinations to squeeze yourself into popular sites. If you’re visiting a small community, you can ask around for free events, games and even festivals. Use Facebook if you have to. You might be surprised what you can find in a town with only 3,000 residents.

A Dose of Vitamin Sea


Sometimes, to get rid of worries and stress, all you need to be exposed to is the sand, the sun, and the sea. It will almost heal all the deep-seated wounds and worries of your life. Maybe it will not cure your stress in actual but will definitely give you the new perspective to view things in all different light coupled with immense hope. A dosage of Vitamin Sea can bring incredible changes to your tiring body and fatigued soul.

When the laziness take hold of you and you desperately need to activate yourself, you must set out on the nearby beach. This place is not overcrowded usually and hence, provides you with tranquility and desired peace of mind. Take deep breaths and grasp the fresh air. It will expand your lungs and make you feel lighter. Carrying slippers in your hands, walking on the wet golden sand, rolling trousers up to the ankles or knees, watching the waves strike the beach, are the best feast for your wearying soul and body. Fixing your eyes on the infinite horizon by walking on the barren coast will help your soul replenish. The turquoise sky blue water of the sea will embrace your feet. Always walk on the beach barefooted. It will help you become free of tensions and worries.

Every time you visit the beach, you will feel so rejuvenated and fresh Collecting seashells will be an exciting thing to do on the coastline. People make sand castles and write names on the beach to seek bliss. You can lie down on the beach closing your eyes to saturate in the surrounding environment. Feel the coolness of the breeze; it will make you forget about all the stress and worries. Play, build sand castles, get yourself wet, write the names of your loved ones on the sand, collect seashells, leisurely walk on the beach hearing the noise of the waves striking against the shoreline, and laugh harder. Such experiences will indisputably sooth your mind, soul, and body.

The sight of fishermen who do several attempts to get the fishes caught gives you the message of determination. It motivates you to keep trying your luck until you get your target achieved. You should spend your day at seashore till the sun is set. Never miss the view of sunset whenever you visit the beach. The sky will slowly and gradually change its color stressing on the evolution from daylight to dark. Breathe in profoundly, one last time, and open your arms to embrace the fresh air. This act will make you feel at ease.

Sunset Point


This point is one of the superseding options in India where you can experience the breathtaking sunset. Apart from proffering a beautiful view, the sunset point is a well-liked picnic point as well.

Guru Shikhar


The highest mountain of the Aravali Mountains is known as Guru Shikhar. Its height is 1722 meters. The view from the top of the peak is stunning. It is a nature’s marvel. Scenery lovers and venture seekers cannot miss visiting this beautiful place.


  • luna-vasahi-temple-dilwara-temple-complex

    Dilwara Temples

    Dilwara Temples is a collection of five shrines and are dedicated to Lord Rishabhdev, Lord Mahavir Swami, Lord Adinath, Lord Nemi Nathji, and Lord Parshvanath. The luxuriantly carved pillars, porticoes, corridors, and arches are the most important aspects of the temples. These temples are built of the white marble and are well-known for their wonderful stone carvings and the architectural splendor.

  • bench-people-smartphone-sun

    Peace Park

    As the name indicates, this place is a meditation center where you can find the peace of mind. The Peace Park is one of the best escapades from the hectic and tiring city life to seek tranquility. Despite its spiritual custom, this park contains playing fields and the picnic areas as well.